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BANK OF IRELAND are being criticized for moving towards more “cashless banks” as this could have negative consequences for elderly people.

Independent TD for Roscommon-Galway Michael Fitzmaurice has hit out at Bank of Ireland saying its actions will have “major negative implications for many people in local communities”.

The decision by Bank of Ireland to withdraw counter staff and cash facilities from 100 small rural branches across the country is a slap in the face for rural Ireland. He added that elderly people will be most affected by the move.

The vast majority of people over the age of 65 have never been online in their lives yet they are expected to be able to conduct internet banking which is sheer madness and desperately unfair. “Older people want to conduct their business over the counter with staff members and now this facility is being withdrawn. We are leaving these people behind”.


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Deputy Team Lead Mortgage Maker (Former Employee) says

"Management style & overall management team need to enter the 21st century. No work life balance, little understanding of life outside of the bank. No opportunities for working from home, part time work or job sharing. A lot of very highly skilled mothers have left their employment because of these issues. It needs to be addressed if women are ever expected to stay in the workplace. Although it is not just a problem in bank of Ireland, it is particularly prevalent from 20 years experience working there"

Post Team Administrator (Former Employee) says

"No decent training was ever put in place for me, i was stuck with another member of staff who I had to sit and watch and then do it myself. never had any structure and the team leader was useless as there was constant problems that were never resolvednothingeverything"

Fraud Analyst (AML) says

"Unpleasant role with unpleasant management. Working as a contractor for BOI, the job and management were unpleasant to their staff. It made it difficult to come into the work place."

Bank Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked with bank of Ireland for 10 years. I found this company to lack organisational ability and offered little or no opportunities to employees who wished to better themselves or seek promotion."

Business Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Worst place I have ever worked. No respect for staff and zero emphasis on promotion based on merit. No formalized training on entry to role, expected to learn on the job.Bullying environment where management use policy to create a toxic environment for staff members. Performance assessment metrics are subjective (not formalized) and open to manipulation by team leaders. A number of staff are on long term stress leave and management make no efforts to resolve causes of work related stress.Promotions are not based on merit. Easily influenced people who will not challenge status quo ineffective processes or unfair treatment of staff members. Zero staff morale/protections in place and no desire to make the environment a efficient, effective, and motivated workplace.Salary is comparative with market ratesIT in dark ages, management uneducated and uninformed, no respect for staff."

Call Centre Operator - Branch Support Desk (Former Employee) says

"Learnt alot about the financial industry working. Demotivating job, no security of permanent position. Maximised the return i was getting from the position"

Senior Financial Crime Investigator (Current Employee) says

"I have a keen interest in this area and seeking to further enhance my career in this field, I am looking for a position to grow my skill set and current experience .NoneNone"

Mortgage (Former Employee) says

"Quite simply, the managers have no idea what they're doing, with the exception of one or two. The place is run like a prison which matches the exterior of the building and it's easy to progress if the management team like you enough, even when you do nothing but walk around all day and there are plenty of people with far better qualifications for the job role than you.Management Team"

Customer Service Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Negative working environment. Personal support minimal. Wages in my dept very poor at minimum wage. No interactions with other depts. Only negative feedback given on work. Long working hours 9 hour shifts short breaks. Insufficient staff trainingGet schedule 4-6 weeks in advance, colleaguesPoor salary, long hours, not very many weekends off"

Mortgage Arrears Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Literally was an glorified call centre. Learnt the different options offered for struggling customers. The managers as people were great but in terms of business policies not so much. Co- workers were friendly and easy to talk to. Hardest part was knowing that I was only a number for the bank and my opinions were not relevant and no scope for career development. Most enjoyable part was spending the day with colleagues.People were friendlier than the business policiesNo scope for developing and no wage increases throughout time of employment"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"poor management, no advancement, cliques, young culturelearned about corporate banking and European market"

temporary staff (Former Employee) says

"dealing with general banking enquries from transfers to opening and closing of accounts"

Customer Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Short staffed on a continuous basis Received no training Badly managed Culture of bullying Hardest part of the job is the lack of focus on the customer Most enjoyable part of the job was the work itself and the customersI was embarrassed to work for them when it came to customer care"

Financial Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Satisfactory. Job progression is limited. Customer focused. Qfa would be a bonus. Strong communication skills. Multi tasking is essential. Poor work atmosphereEducationJob progression"

Managing Director, Head of US Healthcare (Former Employee) says

"Bank of Ireland was an opportunity I accepted for a one year time frame, however, decided to stay for two years. During that time, I learned the acquisition business working with large private equity sponsors and public companies."

Service Delivery Official (Former Employee) says

"I loved working at Bank Of Ireland , the day was packed with different activities and due to strict payment deadlines was a. very challenging role at times but was as equally rewarding when deadlines were metHoursStrict deadlines"

Work Experience (Former Employee) says

"It was my first time working within an office environment. I learned how to create invoice letter. The staff were friendly and approachable each day. Nice work place environment."

Mortgage Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I had worked for the Bank of Ireland for two years and was disappointed with the lack of management delegation in terms of workload, ethic and time management. There was little to no reward for working more efficiently, and a lack of basic management communication had put a heavier workload on the worker than was necessary. Despite a constant relay of information from worker to manager, persistent problems with both the banking software used to complete basic tasks and also with work/time management were consistently overlooked, leading to severely lowered service standards for the customer. Overall, I did enjoy my time at the Bank of Ireland through meeting good co-workers, but the lack of effective communication and problem solving between management and the working sub-teams has severely diminished my opinion of the banking group.good subsidised canteen food.little to no room for progression, and very little transparency and communication between management and worker."

My current role is Business/Agri Underwriter (Current Employee) says

"I would be very hesitant to recommend BOI as an employer. Salaries & benefits are well below the market average & the scope for advancement is limitedJob securityLower salaries & benefits than the market average, limited scope for advancement, non central locations with negatively impact work/life balance"

Assist customer (Current Employee) says

"To much gossip no hands in action, and you will be evaluated not by your work or achievement but for what other people say about you, their system is make for you to fail, o matter how good you are or how brilliant solutions you can give, what maters the most is just to be a sheep, no complaint or give ideas for better customer experience.nonmany"

jacqueline says

"Very poor customer service. Avoid at all costs. They could not care less about their customers.

I have now fill report with Financial Ombudsman Service to Investigate the issues with them."

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